what is fire and safety engineering?

Fire and safety engineering, one of the emerging sector in the world, in which we can expect high number of job vacancies in the upcoming years.

If you do have a intention to know about " fire and safety engineering and Management " this blog will help you out.

Fire and safety engineering is a study in which you can learn the entire concepts about "risks of fire in the workplace and different preventative measures to be taken" to reduce the impact.

Often the people will get confused, the fire and safety engineering is only about "fire extinguishers and fire alarm" but there are huge technical information, which every fire and safety officers should know such as,

  • The Applicable regulations related to fire and safety 
  • The Concepts of fire triangle 
  • The Fire prevention strategies 
  • The Building or industrial design and construction to prevent spreading of fire 
  • NFPA Standards in fire and safety 
  • Fire Detectors and fire alarm design and installation,maintenance
  • Automatic fire suppression systems and its concepts
  • Emergency evacuation plan and Management 
  • Investigation of fire incidents etc. 


The Fire and safety engineering completely deals with the different strategies and possible engineering controls to minimize the fire risk in the industries.