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5 NEBOSH Official Tips to Pass NEBOSH IGC Course?

5 NEBOSH Official Tips to Pass NEBOSH IGC Course?
On 05 March 2015, NEBOSH Published a News update in the Name of " Handy Hints to help you Prepare for your Next Exam"
In this NEBOSH (Official) suggested the top 5 Tips to boost your Marks in NEBOSH Exams, 

As follows,
1.Always read the Question Properly  2.Identify the Command words  3.Opt for short and simple sentences rather than long and complicated sentence  4.Manage your time during Exams  5.It’s acceptable to use standard abbreviations 
To view the NEBOSH Official Link Source :  Click here 

Always read the Question Properly

Read the Question carefully, to score the marks; you must give a suitable answer to the questions. 
My safety master suggests you to read the question twice or thrice until you understand fully.
The Common reason for the failure of students in NEBOSH Is that " Misunderstanding of Questions" and giving irrelevant answers.

Identify the Command words:

In order to boost your marks in NEBOSH Exams, you must u…

Master Diploma in Offshore, Rig, Oil & Gas Safety Engineering - Govt Recognized

Master Diploma in Offshore, rig , oil and Gas safety Engineering Initiated by BBS, Promoted by Government of India, National Development agency, India. 

Which is Highly Prestigious qualification for every safety engineers and Safety Officers and the professionals wish to start their Career in Oil and Gas / Offshore Industries. 
As Per OSHA , Oil and Gas Industries are facing following Health and safety Issues ,  Vehicle CollisionsStruck-By/ Caught-In/ Caught-BetweenExplosions and FiresFallsConfined SpacesErgonomic HazardsHigh Pressure Lines and EquipmentElectrical and Other Hazardous EnergyMachine Hazards Source : OHSA 
Which Requires the Competent Safety Engineers & Managers to prevent accidents and Ill health. 
Master Diploma in Offshore, rig, Oil and Gas safety Engineering Syllabus :  Principles Of Health & Safety Management

Hydro Carbon & Process Safety Management

Fire and Safety Engineering

Petrochemical Safety Engineering

Oil & Gas safety Engineering

Offshore and R…

Govt Approved Master Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Courses In India

Master Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety courses are the specialized health and safety course started by BSS,Promoted by Govt Of India.

Master Diploma in Occupational Health and safety Course syllabus are designed with International health and safety standards in Mind and also the students will get full familiarity of safety technical standards.

If you are an Professional seeking top management designation in Health and safety, this Master Diploma in Health,Safety,Environment & Risk Management Course will be best to you.

Master Diploma in OHSE Syllabus:Master Diploma in Occupational Health, Safety, Environment & Risk Management Course Code : FSS044 MDT-1 International management of health and safety MDT-2 International control of hazardous agents in the workplace MDT-3 International workplace and work equipment safety MDT-4 Safety Management and Communication MDT-5 Risk Management and Control MDT-6 Fundamentals of Health and Safety Engineering MDT-7 Environmental Planning and Ma…

5 Specialized Govt Industrial Safety Diploma Courses that boost your Career in HSE

As Per OSHA 4,836 workers were killed on the job in 2015 ,(3.4 per 100,000 full-time equivalent workers) — on average, more than 93 a week or more than 13 deaths every day. Industries are killing employees by their hazardous nature and managing health and safety in the industry is an legal requirement for every employer.

The Society will never accept the employees / workers are getting killed / made sick by their job, the workers are presenting at workplace only for an income and not to loose their quality of life.

Controlling industrial accidents require a special competence for an safety engineer, and other health and safety practitioners.

Our Government recognized Industrial safety Diploma courses are designed to meet the industrial needs and requirements , that satisfy the legal needs of the organisation.

All these Specialized Industrial safety engineering courses are approved by BSS,Promoted by Govt Of India, National Development agency, India.

5 Specialized Industrial Safety Dip…

11 Specialized Fire and Safety Engineering & Management courses approved by Govt Of India

Managing fire and safety in the workplace is crucial and there are plenty of fire accidents happening in the industries every day.

The National Fire Protection Association has released an statistics of Fire accidents attached below,

Which shows the industries are facing an huge problems in controlling the fire accidents even in developed countries. 
Also appointing an Fire & Safety officer and Managing fire and safety in the workplace are the legal requirement for every employer.

Our Fire and Safety Engineering Courses are designed to meet the industrial requirements and the range of fire and safety courses are available from the fire watcher / fire man grade to the fire and safety manager. 
11 Govt Fire & Safety Courses Recognized by Govt Of India :Advanced Diploma in Fire & Industrial Safety Management Post Diploma in Fire and Industrial Safety Management Diploma in Fire & Safety Engineering BSS Diploma in Fire Engineering & Safety Management BSS Diploma in Fire…