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what is fire and safety engineering?

Fire and safety engineering, one of the emerging sector in the world, in which we can expect high number of job vacancies in the upcoming years.

If you do have a intention to know about " fire and safety engineering and Management " this blog will help you out.

Fire and safety engineering is a study in which you can learn the entire concepts about "risks of fire in the workplace and different preventative measures to be taken" to reduce the impact.

Often the people will get confused, the fire and safety engineering is only about "fire extinguishers and fire alarm" but there are huge technical information, which every fire and safety officers should know such as,

The Applicable regulations related to fire and safety The Concepts of fire triangle The Fire prevention strategies The Building or industrial design and construction to prevent spreading of fire NFPA Standards in fire and safety Fire Detectors and fire alarm design and installation,maintenanceA…

Safety Engineer Salary Statistics

Recently I had a query from the student, that "What is the average salary for the Safety Engineer in 2016"

Safety Engineer is an prestigious profession, in which you can earn excellent pay and benefits.

If you are bit confused about the preference,given to the safety departments and safety engineers; and if you worry about the pay for your "safety engineer Job"

Remember the preference and pay given to the "safety department and safety engineers" is depends on the company profile.

"You could not expect the small scale industry or the company striving for an profit regardless of the workers comfort, to invest in health and safety"
The Good  and high profile companies are giving valuable preference to the competent and qualified safety engineers compared to any other jobs.

The Recent Research shows the average safety engineer salary would be 77,000 $, and the average number of safety engineer openings are 35 % higher than the normal jobs.

In future…


As for theoretical, it is easier to say the work with the use of ladder are less hazardous , compared to any other activities , but the critical issue that needs to take into account is that , still there are thousands and thousands of accidents are happening in the ladder every year , which even resulted in fatalities.

The work with the ladder are riskier because the uncertainty of ground conditions especially for portable ladders, the use of ladder for short duration which increase the likelihood of human errors and violations against the code of practice, the use of defective or unsuitable ladders etc.

To Understand the Ladder safety, we should be clear in two areas such as ,
· Hazards and Risks from work with ladder

· The Safety Measures to control the risks

Hazards & Risks from working with ladder:
· The slip out of ladder, due to the positing of ladder in excessive angle or the use of ladders in slippery areas

· The Falling of persons due to…

Top 5 Basic definitions in Safety

Meaning Of Occupational Health and Safety :

The Safety and Health of people or employees in relation to their work, and their work environment.

Meaning Of Accident :

An unplanned and unexpected event that resulted in any form of harm or damage.

Meaning Of Near-miss :

Any unplanned event or situation which does not results in harm or damage but it has the potential to result into an damage or harm

Meaning Of Risk :

The Combination of chances of the hazard to cause harm and the degree of harm if the accidents occur.

Formula for Risk :

Risk = Probability * Severity

Meaning of Control measure :

Any form of action or device which may used to eliminate or reduce the risk.

What does a safety specialist will Do???

What does a safety specialist will Do???

Safety specialists are appointed by the employer similar like safety officer and safety engineer to manage the Health and safety issues of the industry.

If the industry is too small and comparatively running with minimal number of employees;

Or else

If the industry feels,they cannot afford a salary to safety specialists, they may go for outsourcing like "Health and safety consultants" for short period.

Safety specialists are the ultimate responsible for the "Health and safety Management system"

Safety specialists will device the Health and safety plans to control the principle hazards of the organisation.

They are the ultimate adviser for the organisation to take workplace precautions and risk controls.

Safety specialists will carryout Monthly or quarterly safety audits in the HSE Performance in order to identify the potential weakness in safety management systems and to develop the next plan to improve HSMS performanc…

What is safety engineering

What is safety Engineering?
What is Safety engineering, the common doubt for every students and professionals wanted to start their career in Health and safety.

Safety engineering is one of the department in engineering, which mostly concerns about the prevention of accidents and failures which may cause harm to employees, products, tools or environment.

The Study which focus on the variable accident prevention methods and underlying principles behind zero accidents.

Safety Career is an "Multi disciplinary function" ; In which you needs to familiarize yourself different sectors from the management aspects to the science behind the workers behavior,electricity, machines,chemicals,radiation,vibration,etc.

Let me Give you the practical example :
As you know the number of accidents in a day to day life is increasing, both in common life as well as at the workplace.

You can imagine any incident from the home fire to major catastrophic accidents,disaster happening in the indu…

Benefits of NEBOSH International Diploma

Educations are vital to enhance your career, even though we are into top most senior level designations, it is important to adopt ourselves to latest trends and technology.

NEBOSH International Diploma is a prestigious qualification, which can enhance your career with ultimate safety secrets and with highly enhanced technical syllabus.

NEBOSH International Diploma syllabus is prepared in a way, which can develop a successful safety practitioner with real workplace scenario.

The Qualification must be suitable to the practical situation, and should help us to update with the real practical issues.

If you are having a faith to invest your time and finance over you, than you can invest in NEBOSH International Diploma.

The Management portion, which is prepared in NEBOSH Diploma IA, is highly valuable to safety practitioners to develop their organization health and safety culture from the scratch.

Once the student or professional completed their NEBOSH International Diploma IA, they can …

Cherry Picker Safety Checklist

· SWL marked on bucket

· No Damage in Tire (Crack, cut, air pressure etc).

· Emergency switch is in working condition

· Bucket door in good condition

· Platform is securely fastened to platform support.

· Ensure not more than 2 members loaded at a time in the platform.

· All members in the platform have safety belt

· Foot pedal in the bucket is in working condition.

· Outriggers & extendable axles are in smooth working condition.

· High engine and height drive cutout is in working condition.

· Any oil leakage in the Hydraulic systems.

· LOTO system is available in the ground panel board.

· Warning lamp is in working condition.�����������������…

7 Deadly Hazards in Excavation works

The Hazards & risks arising from the Excavation

It’s Impossible to ensure the Excavation safety without understanding the possible hazards & risks that might present during digging,The following hazards may present during the excavation operations, may differ based on the work environment in which the excavation is takes place,

Deadly hazard 1: Collapse Of excavation
The Collapse of excavation which may due to,

The soil conditions which unable to carry the own mass of its sidesThe selection of wrong type of excavation methods example : Mechanical excavation on the loose soil conditionsThe instability of soil to withstand the load , which may promoted by the bad weather conditions such as rainThe Positioning of vehicles near to the excavation edges , which may affect the stabilityThe lack of protective systems such as shoring , shieldingThe Presence of cave-inThe positioning of removed soil near to the excavation sides , which may increase the weight on edges & leads to collap…

5 NEBOSH Official Tips to Pass NEBOSH IGC Course?

5 NEBOSH Official Tips to Pass NEBOSH IGC Course?
On 05 March 2015, NEBOSH Published a News update in the Name of " Handy Hints to help you Prepare for your Next Exam"
In this NEBOSH (Official) suggested the top 5 Tips to boost your Marks in NEBOSH Exams, 

As follows,
1.Always read the Question Properly  2.Identify the Command words  3.Opt for short and simple sentences rather than long and complicated sentence  4.Manage your time during Exams  5.It’s acceptable to use standard abbreviations 
To view the NEBOSH Official Link Source :  Click here 

Always read the Question Properly

Read the Question carefully, to score the marks; you must give a suitable answer to the questions. 
My safety master suggests you to read the question twice or thrice until you understand fully.
The Common reason for the failure of students in NEBOSH Is that " Misunderstanding of Questions" and giving irrelevant answers.

Identify the Command words:

In order to boost your marks in NEBOSH Exams, you must u…

Why the LPG Cylinders are exploding, during fire?

Have you ever had a doubt, why the LPG cylinders are exploding, during fire?

The Explosion, (the sudden release of blast wave) is one of the major reasons for the damage to buildings and injury to occupants during LPG leaks.
If the cylinder is not exploded during fire, most of the building damage and risk to neighborhood’s can be minimized.
Let’s come to the answer,
If the LPG Cylinder is subjected either to fire or any other heat source, the liquefied petroleum will change in to gaseous state. (As temperature increases the liquids will convert to gaseous stage )If it is continuously subjects to heat, than the contents of LPG will restore to gaseous stage, which increases the internal pressure inside the Cylinder.Though the Liquid space of the cylinder absorbs the heat and sinks, but in the gaseous space (the space above the liquid space) will not have any medium to reduce the heat, so most of the energy will be absorbed by the Cylinder.If the cylinder subjected to heat, it will starts t…

What to do when LPG Smell found in Home?

LPG Cylinders are most hazardous, which can kill the entire occupant’s in home. Do you believe, all you family members, knew the action to take, when the LPG smell founds in kitchens or home.

Absolutely, the answer will be “No”
Imagine, if your mom or sister or any of your family member are not aware the actions to take in case of LPG Leaks, what will happen, even it cannot be imagined.
So here we are talking about the serious issue, which is worthy to read further,

If you have a doubt that the LPG may leak from cylinders, follow this 7 proven and tried steps to keep yourself safe.
Turn off the regulator & valve both in LPG cylinder & stoveDo not turn on or turn off any switches such as lights or fan (the minor spark produced from the switches can act as an ignition source and may leads to explosion)Open all your windows & doors to allow the LPG gas too diluteGet all your family member’s outside the homeDo not try to seal or repair the leaks from yourself, hence you are not pe…

Truck Safety Checklist

Whether Protection FOPS  (canopies, screens) is provided to shield operator from falling objects?Whether horn and reverse alarm are available and in working condition? Do the Hydraulic system in working condition during unloading of materials?Whether moving parts, shafts, sprockets, belts, etc. are guarded.Whether Protection against contact with hot surfaces, exhaust, and provided.Safe means of access (steps, grab bars, non-slip surfaces) to the cab is providedWhether Damage in tireDo the tires are checked for (Crack, cut, & air has been checked & Do the Tyre pressure is within the safe limit?Whether Leakage of oil from the vehicle parts and vehicle oil tank has been checked ?Do the Vehicle rear view mirror is available?Whether Head light, Tail lamp are fitted & in working condition (for night work)Whether Brake, accelerator, clutch are in working condition?Whether lock of the back door (trailer) in working condition and Safe?Whether Inter locking system between the…

Scissor Lift safety Checklist

Do the SWL marked on bucket ?      Do the Platform safety door in good condition?Whether the Toe guard provided to scissor lift platform?Whether Tyre conditions are safe & there is no Damage in Tyre (Crack, Cut, etc.)Whether Emergency switch is in working condition?Whether Emergency rescue system is in working condition. (When Engine fails)No oil leak (Hydraulic parts, Engine and fuel tank)Machine Marching alarm in working conditionScissor structure condition while full expansion (Damage, crack and jamming while extending)Fire Extinguisher availabilityAll limit switch is in working condition) over loading, over reaching)Ensure break system is in working conditionOperator details displayed on scissor liftEmergency contact numbers displayedEnsure operator having valid licenseDone and due date of third party certification mentioned on scissor liftWarning Lamp is in working conditionDisplay the instruction of operating Required PPE'S displayed on bucket

Safety Career objectives for freshers

To use the Knowledge I learned during my Industrial safety diploma and to apply the safety strategies I learned to enhance the company health and safety performance.To reach the zero accidents and ill-health in the organization by applying the legal standards and risk control strategies I learned during my curriculumTo reach the managerial position in health and safety department, and assisting the organization to reach the ultimate health and safety Goals.To be an part of health and safety management and to devise the innovative ideas in health and safety to meet the ultimate goalsTo support the organization to meet both legal and organizational goals related to health and Safety.A dedicated and proactive health and safety student searching for a health and safety officer jobs, to enhance both myself and the organization OHS Performance.To work in the company, where I can utilize the knowledge and skills learned during my health and safety qualifications and to achieve the zero accid…

What is the scope of Industrial Safety Diploma & Engineers?

What is the scope of Industrial Safety Diploma & Engineers? “What is the Scope of industrial safety diploma”
The common questions among the students wish to take industrial safety engineering courses,

Workplaces are becoming unsafe; due to the number of factors such us,
The use of large machinery,
The use of hazardous chemicals,
The use of high voltage electricity,
The presence of excessive noise, vibration, heat etc,

The ILO Declared
“Every 15 Seconds a worker met an accident in his workplace”

Hope now, you can understand “How hazardous the industries are”

It’s not easier to perform the entire industrial activities safely, without separate mechanisms and manpower to control it.

Also, we cannot perform the Industrial activities without using machines, chemicals, electricity etc.

So the Industries need a competent Industrial safety engineers who knows “the casual factors of accidents and the methods to control it”

Also In every countries the Companies having a legal requireme…

Contractors safety Audit Checklist

Is the Company Safety Policy displayed at the identified areas?Is full time site safety officer deputed at site?Is Site Safety Officer approved by EHS department?Are construction safety manual & safety procedure manual available at site?Does the site have safety committee?Are sub-contractors included in safety committee?Is safety committee meeting held monthly?Are unsafe acts /conditions, accident causes and recommendations discussed in meeting?Are action by and target date columns included in minutes of meetings?Are minutes of meeting circulated among members and copy sent to EHS Department?Is accident reporting and Investigation procedure followed at site?Are near miss accidents reported and investigated?Is safety day / week celebrated at site?Are safety posters displayed at site?Are adequate numbers of first aid boxes available at site?Is ambulance available at site?Is clinic available at site?Is housekeeping in order?Are walkways clear from obstruction?Is material stacked prop…

Portable Grinding machine safety Checklist

Whether fiber handle without damage & condition is ok.Whether Wheel guard available & (covering 3/4th area).Whether Grinding wheel having any crack/ damage. And Grinding wheels’ expiry date & its RPM match with the machine RPM” has been checked.Whether Rear handle is having any damage.whether Presence of Cord strain reliever (glands).are available & okWhether Trigger switch is having any damage.Whether Presence of Switch lock is ok.And in working condition.Whether Electric wire having any cuts and joints.Double earthling has been provided in m/c to avoid shock.

Main electrical panel board safety checklist

whether Firm Base with grouting & Easily accessible panel (height of the leg is equal to 1m)whether D.B .set is weather proof and cover all around To avoid water/ dustWhether Authorized Operator/Elec. Name/ Photo/ Contact No.on DB panel are avail.Whether Visualization of voltage, current and type of tools to be used in the socket & Panel.Whether Confirmation of LOTO (lock out/ tag out) are available.WHETHER Safety stickers/ signboards / isolate flammable Fire Hazard are display in D.B,WHETHER Double Earthling System of MDB / DB panel with Std earthling pit has been provided.Whether Separate ELCB with tripping current of 30 mA & in working condition.whether Hilum sheet to be provided over live bus barsWhether Condition of Cable, Power Socket and Plug are having any damage.whether Color coding being followed (RYBWG) for all cables/wireswhether Plug/ Socket are being used of Industrial typeWhether availability of rubber mat in front of the D.B .

Hydraulic Mobile Crane Safety Checklist

Hydraulic Mobile Crane Safety Checklist

Whether Safety latch in hook, available & in working condition.whether Hoist limit switch (Or presence of plate).available& workingwhether SWL mark in crane are visibleWhether Wire rope and slings free from tolerable damage (No kinks, broken wires more than 10% is N.G).whether oil leak in hydraulic parts (piston drums) has been checked & okwhether Damage in Tire ( Crack, cut, has been checked & tire pressure okWhether Head and tail lamps are available (for night working).Whether Front and reverse horn fitted & in working condition.Whether Boom structure condition while full expansion (damage, crack and jamming while extending).Whether Fire extinguisher is available in operator cabin.Whether valid Third party certificate (Form 32) are available.Whether Operator have licensed (heavy duty).whether Vehicle have valid insurance paperWhether Road tax document are available.

Gas cutting Equipment safety Checklist

whether Protective valve cap firmly fixed for both cylinder(Check for damage/crack in the valve cap)whether Pressure gauges two for each cylinder(in & out)are in working condition(both Oxygen & Acetylene gas)whether Flash back arrestor (FBAs)has been provided for  acetylene & oxygen cylindersWhether Non return valves (NRVs) is provided for both acetylene & oxygen cylinders hose fitted with cutting torch to avoid back fire.Whether Tight crimping of hoses with jubilee clamps are fitted.Whether Hose free from damage (cut and crack / oil & grease to avoid leakage/ fire.Whether Cylinder secured by chain to the trolley.Whether Trolley tire are free from damage and in working condition.Availability of industrial type lighter (no match box / commercial lighters) are allowed.whether gas leak test has been done before starting the job to avoid fire.

Excavator Safety checklist

Front & reverse horn available & in working condition?Whether Head & tail lamps (for working at night)?Whether Leakage of oil (in hydraulic & pneumatic systems has been checked)?Whether Loose bolts /connecting pins (In bucket, dosser and all links) has been checked?Whether Back view mirror is available & condition is ok.Roller-crawler / tire condition (check for damaged / missing idle rollers)whether Structure been condition(damage, cut, crack) has been checked and okDiesel, oil and grease spillage.Whether Fire extinguisher in operator cabin is available.whether swinging horn is available and in working conditionWhether Equipment having proper & valid documentswhether Crawler Excavator having Safe Access and Egress for OperatorWhether Operator having license and (heavy duty). With valid date.

Inspected Person name & Signature:

Drilling Machine Safety Checklist

whether Fore handle is good & in operating conditionwhether Double insulation provided for the equipment (written in the machine body)whether Equipment are free from any defect like broken Handle, broken parts etcwhether Magnetic base is in charged conditionWhether Presence of Cord strains reliever (glands) are available.whether Fuse is available & in good conditionWhether Presence of Drilling trigger switch lock in working condition.Whether Electric wire having any cuts and joints.Whether Drilling Bit in good condition.Whether Condition of the presence On/off switch is ok.Whether Presence of dust cleaning brush near the equipment is available.ELCB & the presence of industrial plug/three pin plug available and has been checked.

Cutting Machine Safety Checklist

Whether cutting wheel having any crack/ damage. And cutting wheels’ expiry date & its RPM match with the machine RPM” has been checked.Presence of Cutting plate guard. Double earthling has been provided in m/c to avoid shock.Whether Presence of locking system for the plate & Guard is availableWhether Presence of job clamp and its condition is okWhether Presence of fiber body handle and its condition is okWhether Cable condition (Any cut, wear etc) and presence of wire top plug is okWhether Presence of cutting dust guard is available

Bar cutting Equipment safety Checklist

Guard provided for any rotating parts.                                   Hot surface is provided with guard.Rubber mat is provided in operator standing area.( around the D.G)No oil leakage from the oil tank & other parts of the m/c.Proper access to the D.G control panelExhaust smoke pipe faced upwards & outside of D.G shelterAdequate ventilation in case of indoor generatorPresence of fire extinguisher (ABC type)Presence of damage free operating switch, Voltage and temperature meter, circuit breaker, Oil level indicator, Emergency switchEarthling is provided with standard earthling pit.Proper foundation done

Arc welding machine Checklist

whether ON / OFF knob is provided (Check for damage and insulated knobwhether Regulator with indicator is providedWhether Welding cables connected to the welding machine with lugs at the joints with proper insulation.whether any cuts/ damage in the insulation of welding cablesWhether Electrode rod holder and earthen holder are having any cuts/ damage/ broken and properly insulated.Whether Industrial Type Plug / socket being used for power tapping cable of welding machine. whether any internal live electrical parts of welding machine are exposedWhether Trolley being used w/o damaged wheels. Double earthling has been provided to machine.Whether co2 Fire extinguisher and fire bucket with sand are available near m/c. whether double earthling has been provided to m/c

Career Objectives for Safety Auditor

1.The Professional safety auditor, with the eyes that looks into detail and with the brain which familiars in the International safety standards
2.The ambitious safety auditor with the experience of ----- into internal and external safety audits, the qualified safety auditor in OHSAS 18001-2007 Standards.
3.The Safety auditor with the experience of both OHSAS 18001 assessment of requirements and implementation stages, which enable the organization to meet its own, and ultimate health and safety goals.
4.The IRCA approved Safety auditor, with the professional experience in Safety audits, safety inspection and safety reviews with the ultimate communication skills.
5.The Qualified and experienced safety auditor, looking for an ultimate position in the organization, where I can apply the health and safety tactics, to meet the needs of OHSAS 18001 & legal requirements.

Ladder Safety Tools box talk

“Ladders are the hazardous equipment which can kill you” do you believe it; Whenever you are using the ladder yourself, ensure that you are using it safely, by following the safety procedures,
Ensure the ladders are safe, free from defects and damagesDo not use wooden ladders, which is painted or damagedEnsure yourself the ladders are with suitable strength and length for the type of job neededCheck the Ground conditions are sound and capable of withstanding the load of you and ladderDo not use metal or aluminum ladders for the electrical worksNever carry any tools and materials while climbing on the ladderEnsure the ladders are secured on both ends to prevent slip outRemember to extend the ladders minimum 3 feet above the stepping point to provide adequate handholdPosition the ladder by following 1:4 ratio (75 degree)If you are using the ladders on vehicles passage ways; ensure the area is barricaded to prevent collisionBefore using the ladder checkout, the presence of overhead power …

Office Inspection Checklist

Do the packing materials are reused where ever possible?Do the refillable of Eco-friendly stationery are used where ever possible Ex: Refillable ball pens, pencils and markers, rechargeable batteries etc.Do the wasters are segregated with separate containers?Do the proper disposal of wastes are takes place for recycling purpose?Do the spent cartridges are collected for recycling purpose?Do the batteries and computer wastes are collected for proper disposalDo the environmental friendly paper cups, paper plates, tissue papers are usedDo the bio degradable or refillable detergents are usedDo the cloths or towels are available in pantry?Do the records for drinking water is maintained?Do the “Save water” stickers are available & properly located at suitable locationsDo there any faulty water tape or running water identified during inspections?Do the records of energy consumption in the office maintained?Do the air-conditioners, lighting, computers, printers, photocopiers and electrical…