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Are you an bad safety Manager ? Check do you have these any habits

1. Am the deciding authority:
When it comes to health and safety, the safety managers are ultimate responsible to manage health and safety issues. 
The high standards of health and safety cannot be attained by the individual safety managers; it can be only accomplished by the team works. 
The bad safety managers will decide, but they no more consult with their team and other employees.

2. I Set Rules for others:
Health & safety standards and rules are everyone to follow, including safety managers.  The bad safety managers will set rules but they never follows. 
For examples: Noncompliance with PPE.

3. You are the culprit:
The Good safety managers will never blame others when the issue arises; instead of blaming they investigate, analyze and identify the root causes to solve the issues.
When it comes to bad safety manager; they blame their team members and workers instead of analyzing the issues. 

4. The work sites are made for safety officers:
Yes, of course the safety managers w…

8 Proven tips to increase workers interest towards Health and safety?

1. Don’t push, pull them from forward:
There is a major difference between push and pull , here the effective and best strategy to increase your workers interest towards health and safety,

To change , you must pull them , means to stand in front , and show them the health and safety are the must follow principle by every category of employees.

Instead of blindly enforcing the rules, first set the rules and follow yourself,  and exactly lead by example.

2. Educate:
Unless the workers knew, the importance of following health and safety rules, they never obey the standards.

So the important process of influencing the workers is to educate them, with the safe way to perform the job and the consequences of non-compliance.

3. Influence the influencing workers:
Groups are drawn up by the influencing peoples, they are personnel’s who decides the way and own principles of group.

So when you observe the workers are separated into informal groups, observe, analyze and identify the influencing pe…

Top 13 qualities of a successful Safety Managers ?

Most of the times company fails to manage its health and safety risks and thus results in an accidents , ill health and other serious business losses.

Where the problems exist ??

Do the management fails or the management staff fails.

Absolutely , the health and safety performance of your organisation is based on the health and safety team which you have and their inherent qualities.

Safety officers and safety managers are having the unique and assertive role to increase your profitability of business by reducing the foreseeable business loss.

The habits of  successful safety managers and safety officers cannot be briefed in a single page but , however the most commonly found habits of safety managers can be outlined.

Here i did the same ??

1.Committed to Health and Safety :
Establishing the effective and improved health and safety performing management systems are not easy and cannot be attained by the people doing, jobs for bread and butter. 
The commonly found successful safety man…

You, Me And Workplace Safety: The Truth

Workplace Safety ,

what does it mean ?? 
Do the workplace safety Is Really essential ? 
Whats the Relationship between you, Me &workplace safety ??

Here the answers for all your Questions , In a busy schedules , everyone busy with their job, Am not gonna ask you what is your current Job and what about your daily activities. 
Though you may be  employee , employer , self employed , here with the concept of workplace safety, every one are same.
Simply the task we are doing , will have  a considerable impact an our health and safety as well. 
What is Workplace Safety ?

In a day everyone spending their average of 8 hours in a workplace , which is minimum , but in some countries may extend up-to 12 - 13 hours per day. 
The Industrialization and rapid technology increases the risk level into high , where the employees are working with huge hazardous machines , chemicals , electricity, noise , vibration etc etc. 
Which may increases the chances  accidents and health effects .
There are numb…