8 Proven tips to increase workers interest towards Health and safety?

1. Don’t push, pull them from forward:

There is a major difference between push and pull , here the effective and best strategy to increase your workers interest towards health and safety,

To change , you must pull them , means to stand in front , and show them the health and safety are the must follow principle by every category of employees.

Instead of blindly enforcing the rules, first set the rules and follow yourself,  and exactly lead by example.

2. Educate:

Unless the workers knew, the importance of following health and safety rules, they never obey the standards.

So the important process of influencing the workers is to educate them, with the safe way to perform the job and the consequences of non-compliance.

3. Influence the influencing workers:

Groups are drawn up by the influencing peoples, they are personnel’s who decides the way and own principles of group.

So when you observe the workers are separated into informal groups, observe, analyze and identify the influencing personals and concentrate more on them.

If the leaders follow safety, every member will.

4. Don’t rush, build slowly 

Behaviors cannot be changed in a day; it takes a time and sometimes year.

Understand, to change the behaviors of individual workers, they must trust you will never mislead.
Instead of showing the power, show them you are setting rules to safeguard them.

5. Communicate regularly:

Communications are the most vital formula in health and safety which ensures the workers are up to date with the health and safety happenings.

So plan the formal and informal communication strategies, to show you are travelling with the day to day happenings.

6. Inspire:

Instead of punishing the for poor housekeeping, make your place clean in front of them.
The people will only inspire, when you do the things, which everyone will not do.

 7. Motivate & praise the safety behavior:

There are more proven steps to motivate and praise the safe behavior of employees.

If the safety behaviors are not appraised, the workers will lose their interest which may affect the complete safety culture of your organization.

So motivate them either by the appreciation words or incentives.

8. Punish the unsafe behavior:

When the violations are tolerated, the workers will think that, you are not concentrated into health and safety.

So ensure that the unsafe behaviors of the employees are addressed and the suitable disciplinary actions are taken.

Lets Comment , what you will do to change your workers attitude , as an successful safety expert ??

Am curious to know ?