Are you an bad safety Manager ? Check do you have these any habits

1. Am the deciding authority:

When it comes to health and safety, the safety managers are ultimate responsible to manage health and safety issues. 

The high standards of health and safety cannot be attained by the individual safety managers; it can be only accomplished by the team works. 

The bad safety managers will decide, but they no more consult with their team and other employees.

2. I Set Rules for others:

Health & safety standards and rules are everyone to follow, including safety managers. 
The bad safety managers will set rules but they never follows. 

For examples: Noncompliance with PPE.

3. You are the culprit:

The Good safety managers will never blame others when the issue arises; instead of blaming they investigate, analyze and identify the root causes to solve the issues.

When it comes to bad safety manager; they blame their team members and workers instead of analyzing the issues. 

4. The work sites are made for safety officers:

Yes, of course the safety managers will be busy with the tight and hectic schedules but it more important to present in the site to show the importance you give to health and safety and to check what is happening under your management.

The bad safety managers will struck with the cab-in and they never knows what is happening in the site, unless it is reported. 

5. Struck behind the project team:

Yes of course, we work for the companies and their projects BUT we work with the purpose. 

The safety departments are the most powerful and influencing departments of the organization which protect the companies from predictable business loss. 

The bad safety managers are time bounded and they enforce when there are no works and they compromise safety during the peak working hours, which shows they are not consistent anymore.

6. They wait for accidents:

The Bad safety managers will wait for accidents to happen; they never work proactively to prevent the accidents.

7. The workers are simply workers  

The bad safety managers will never know that the workers are the backbone, which influence’s their health and safety performance.
They never understand their effective contribution in deriving the effective health and safety policies.

8. They think; they are the specialist:

The bad safety managers will have a mentality that they are already overfilled and specialists in health and safety. 

Health and safety is a multidisciplinary department which requires the knowledge to deal with the plenty of hazards. 

The bad safety managers will never learn, instead they work with what they knew, it is right.

Comment us your Experience with Good & bad safety  managers and your thoughts ?