1 Person dead in Kishkinda amusement park - Accident investigation & proposed solutions

1 Dead In Accident at Chennai's Kishkinta Amusement Park
In May 12, 2016, the accident happened in kishkinta amusement park, which is located outside Chennai,

By the accident, one person has died (Identified as Manikandan) & 7 employees of the amusement park are severely injured.

The Injured peoples are treated.

The Police have not yet confirmed the immediate & root causes of the accidents.

But by the assumption and through the interviews & analysis of documents it confirmed, that the root cause of the accident is the ferris wheel, which was restored before last few days of the accident.

Source: Ndtv

So as a safety practitioner, analyse the incident and comment the possible reasons for the accident to happen & the control measures you should suggest.

The Reasons may

  • ·        The Reduced integrity of the equipment's due to flood
  • ·        The wrong selection of Ferris wheel.
  • ·        The failure of Ferris wheel by poor design & manufacturing.
  • ·        The maintenance or reviving by the poorly competent personal, which results in failure.
  • ·        The safety management failures such us the failure of selection of competent contractors.
  • ·        May be the lack of thorough examination after the flood.

What we can do to prevent:

  • ·        After any incident which may affect the stability or integrity of equipment, the thorough examination must be carried out.
  • ·        The competent contractors must be appointed with strict safety policies after though investigation.
  • ·        The components used must be certified & comply with the legal requirements.
  • ·        The though examination should be carried out by the third party after the reviving operations to check the safe condition.
  • ·        The Competent Health and safety practitioner must be appointed to oversee the Safety Issues.