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Arc welding machine Checklist

  •         whether ON / OFF knob is provided (Check for damage and insulated knob
  •        whether Regulator with indicator is provided
  •         Whether Welding cables connected to the welding machine with lugs at the joints with proper insulation.
  •       whether any cuts/ damage in the insulation of welding cables
  •         Whether Electrode rod holder and earthen holder are having any cuts/ damage/ broken and properly insulated.
  •         Whether Industrial Type Plug / socket being used for power tapping cable of welding machine. 
  •         whether any internal live electrical parts of welding machine are exposed
  •       Whether Trolley being used w/o damaged wheels.
  •          Double earthling has been provided to machine.
  •       Whether co2 Fire extinguisher and fire bucket with sand are available near m/c.
  •          whether double earthling has been provided to m/c

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