Contractors safety Audit Checklist

  1. Is the Company Safety Policy displayed at the identified areas?
  2. Is full time site safety officer deputed at site?
  3. Is Site Safety Officer approved by EHS department?
  4. Are construction safety manual & safety procedure manual available at site?
  5. Does the site have safety committee?
  6. Are sub-contractors included in safety committee?
  7. Is safety committee meeting held monthly?
  8. Are unsafe acts /conditions, accident causes and recommendations discussed in meeting?
  9. Are action by and target date columns included in minutes of meetings?
  10. Are minutes of meeting circulated among members and copy sent to EHS Department?
  11. Is accident reporting and Investigation procedure followed at site?
  12. Are near miss accidents reported and investigated?
  13. Is safety day / week celebrated at site?
  14. Are safety posters displayed at site?
  15. Are adequate numbers of first aid boxes available at site?
  16. Is ambulance available at site?
  17. Is clinic available at site?
  18. Is housekeeping in order?
  19. Are walkways clear from obstruction?
  20. Is material stacked properly?
  21. Are sufficient dustbins provided?
  22. Is work permit system followed at site?
  23. Weather all safety precautions taken, which are mentioned in work permit?
  24. Are Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) provided for employees?
  25. Are employees using PPE?
  26. Are safety belts used for working at height above 2 Meters?
  27. Are safety belts anchored to fixed point?
  28. Are ear muffs / plugs provided, where noise level is more than 85 dB?
  29. Is safe access / platform provided for working at height?
  30. Are adequate scaffolding provided for working at height?
  31. Is scaffolding checked / inspected before use?
  32. Are sufficient fire extinguishers properly serviced and validity date marked on it?
  33. Are fire extinguishers properly serviced and validity date marked on it?
  34. Are employees trained for operating fire extinguishers?
  35. Weather all lifting equipment / tackles are marked with their S.W.L.?
  36. Are inspection / test certificates of competent person (s) available at site?
  37. Are adequate lifting tackles provided at site?
  38. Are trained operators engaged for operating the equipment?
  39. Are lifting / tackles maintained in good working conditions and record maintained?
  40. Weather proper storage is provided for gas cylinders?
  41. Weather valve protection caps are provided for gas cylinders?
  42. Weather flash back arresters provided for oxy-acetylene gas cutting set?
  43. Weather trolley provided for gas cutting set?
  44. Weather proper clamps provided for hose connection?
  45. Are pressure vessels tested / certified by competent person?
  46. Is emergency vehicle available at site?
  47. Are guards of machinery's in position?
  48. Is work place properly illuminated?
  49. Are adequate ladders provided at site?
  50. Is monthly accident statistics report copy sent to EHS?
  51. Are accident prevention tools & safety-related items available at site as per procedure?
  52. Is safety performance board displayed at site?
  53. Are excavations safe for work?
  54. Are excavations barricaded?
  55. Is proper slope or shoring provided for excavations?
  56. Weather Construction Equipment, hand tools are in good working condition?
  57. Are damaged equipment/ tools discarded?
  58. Weather portable electrical Equipment/ tools are in good working condition?
  59. Are access ladders checked and certified.
  60. Is there system in place for certification of scaffoldings?
  61. Is earthling provided for portable grinding machines?
  62. Are guards provided for portable grinding machines?