Does the NEBOSH course use full for mechanical engineers?

NEBOSH Course is an prestigious and mandatory safety certification course,which every safety officers and safety engineers should have.

If you are an mechanical engineering student,with the confusion to start your career in safety or else with the confusion in pursuing NEBOSH.

This blog is for you.

I have seen many professional,who work as mechanical engineers for 10-15 years and still doing NEBOSH to enhance their career.

Because now a days the industries expect the Project managers / production managers should have a detailed safety knowledge in order to execute the plan without accidents & unwanted business losses.

If you do NEBOSH with mechanical engineering,you will get a preference by the industries,the reason is that the industries believes,"the  professional who knows about the job and the science behinds the job can guide better to work safely"

How ever, if you are a student looking for a change to evergreen field "safety". 

Most of the times,before hiring the safety officers, the company focus on following criteria, such as 

  • Relevancy of Educational qualification to the Industry 
  • Relevancy of Experience to the Industry 

So for mechanical engineers,If they do NEBOSH,they will get more preference in the following industries to work as a safety practitioner. 

  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Power plant industries
  • Foundry and Forging industries
  • Oil and Gas Industries 
  • Construction Industries etc. 
After gaining similar years of experience, you can switch yourself to an top most designations in safety.

Conclusion :

There are thousands of persons experience,who got jobs only with NEBOSH, if you do NEBOSH with Mechanical engineering,don't worry you have a good career than you have imagined.