Excavator Safety checklist

  • Front & reverse horn available & in working condition?
  • Whether Head & tail lamps (for working at night)?
  • Whether Leakage of oil (in hydraulic & pneumatic systems has been checked)?
  • Whether Loose bolts /connecting pins (In bucket, dosser and all links) has been checked?
  • Whether Back view mirror is available & condition is ok.
  • Roller-crawler / tire condition (check for damaged / missing idle rollers)
  • whether Structure been condition(damage, cut, crack) has been checked and ok
  • Diesel, oil and grease spillage.
  • Whether Fire extinguisher in operator cabin is available.
  • whether swinging horn is available and in working condition
  • Whether Equipment having proper & valid documents
  • whether Crawler Excavator having Safe Access and Egress for Operator
  • Whether Operator having license and (heavy duty). With valid date.


Inspected Person name & Signature: