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The future fire and safety engineers?

If you are an student or working professional,wanted to switch your career in fire and safety. 

and wanted to Know more about the futures of fire and safety engineering this post is for You. 

Fire and safety engineers are the professional who knows ,

  • How to control the starting of fire , 
  • How to control the spreading of fire and 
  • How to control the severity to people,property and environment from fire,
The Companies or industries with the fire risk like Oil and gas ,Petro-chemical industries the number of fire and safety officer requirements are High.

Even in the Hospitals,restaurants,shopping malls ;they are hiring the fire and safety officers to manage the fire risks. 

Normally the nature of job is to ensure the fire alarms,fire fighting equipment's,fire evacuation plans are available and effective.

Recently the Bureau of Labor statistics declared that that the  "vacancies for fire fighters and fire inspectors are growing 6-9 % and nearly the employments for 3,18,790 Numbers. 

Check the Original Info :  Bureau of Labor statistics 

Also the average wage : 79490 Dollars. 

Now the Industries realizing the importance of realizing the fire and safety engineers also the governments and insurance companies are insisting the appointment of fire and safety engineers. 

I can assure you the future for fire &  safety engineers will be Great.