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Gas cutting Equipment safety Checklist

  • whether Protective valve cap firmly fixed for both cylinder(Check for damage/crack in the valve cap)
  • whether Pressure gauges two for each cylinder(in & out)are in working condition(both Oxygen & Acetylene gas)
  • whether Flash back arrestor (FBAs)has been provided for  acetylene & oxygen cylinders
  • Whether Non return valves (NRVs) is provided for both acetylene & oxygen cylinders hose fitted with cutting torch to avoid back fire.
  • Whether Tight crimping of hoses with jubilee clamps are fitted.
  • Whether Hose free from damage (cut and crack / oil & grease to avoid leakage/ fire.
  • Whether Cylinder secured by chain to the trolley.
  • Whether Trolley tire are free from damage and in working condition.
  • Availability of industrial type lighter (no match box / commercial lighters) are allowed.
  • whether gas leak test has been done before starting the job to avoid fire.

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