100 workers die in Chennai - How worst the health and safety in india

100 workers die in Chennai - How worst the health and safety in India

Date: October 15, 2016

Popular Professionals Involved:

  •  Geetha Ramakrishnan of Unorganized Workers' Federation.
  •   R Singaravelu, a member of the board and state president, Construction Federation of India.
  • Officials in the labor department.

What you can learn here:
  • · The Health and safety Standards set by the Indian Government.
  •  The Health and safety Issues faced by the migrant workers.
  •   The Accidents statistics in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Words from Geetha Ramakrishnan

    (Member of Unorganised Workers' Federation.)

  • The Issue raised after the accident happens (fall from high race building under construction in Royapettah) which shows the constructions are not any more concentrates on health and safety norms set by the regulations.
  • The Geetha Ramakrishnan Said “the Construction industries are one of the major sector,which offers most employment opportunities after Agricultural sectors.
  • Nearly 30 fatalities by construction accidents happened in old mahabalipuram road alone in Chennai.
  • Which shows the health and safety in construction sectors is little.

What the Geetha Ramakrishnan Said about the construction industries

·        The Construction Industries, whether small or large , they do not follow the health and safety standards.

·        Even though we are educating the workers about health and safety standards, the workers do not have guts to ask questions to the employer or management, when they recognise they are at risk.

·        Also we recognise the migrant workers, who are arriving from work from other states especially from north states are mostly at risk.

·        The Local workers (from Chennai or tamil nadu) are found to be aware of health and safety measures.

What the Geetha Ramakrishnan Said about the Management & Labor department officials?

  •  Once the accident happened the management should inform to their family and labor department officials and local police.
  • The Company should deposit the compensation amount to the labor department account as per workman’s compensation act.
  • Labor department officials can send suo motu notice to the company based on media reports.

But nothing is really happening here.

Words from R Singaravelu,

(A member of the board and state president, Construction Federation of India)

  • ·        The Tamil Nadu construction workers welfare board needs to conduct an review meeting at least every 3 months but no meeting was conducted in past 2 years.
  • ·        Also the The Tamil Nadu construction workers welfare board is not reconstituted in past two years.
  • ·        Nearly 23 lakhs members are accompanied with the board and they all will receive a compensation of 1 lakh if the accident occurs.
  • ·        But the saddest news is that, for the migrant workers there will be no compensation, because they are not any more registered or a member.
  • ·        Also to become a member, the person should get a ration card to obtain membership, but it’s impossible to get the ration cards with local address.
  • ·        The statistics says, nearly 10 lakh migrant workers are employed in Tamil Nadu , who are all at the risk of “no compensation”

 What Labor Department Officials said?

·        We tried to give compensation to the migrant workers from some companies
·        Also if there is a complaint, we are officially visiting the companies to conduct an inspection.

What MysafetyMaster.com says about?

Instead of working to get compensation, enforcing the safety rules & conducting periodical, unplanned visits will help to check the level of compliance by the companies.

Also the Government may spend a time & amount to educate the workers & employers regards the requirements of safety regulations.

It’s better to prevent, instead of speaking about accidents.