How to check your LPG gas cylinder expiry date

How to check your LPG gas cylinder expiry date

The LPG Cylinders are the one of the most hazardous equipment or component used in the kitchens & home.

Have you ever imagined, that the LPG Cylinders are having their own expiry dates & how to identify the Cylinders Expiry Date?

Most of us will never.

What happen if I use an Expired LPG Cylinder?

LPG Cylinders are more prone to leakages & if the leakages occur, as you know the fire will start and the severe explosion will follow, which can kill more number of occupants.

How to identify the expiry dates of LPG Cylinders??

It’s easier to identify, than you think.

In the LPG side stems, you can identify the alphabets with numbers like A-19 or B 18 etc.

That’s the place, where the secret hides.

The alphabet’s shows the, month in which the LPG cylinders going to expire.
Here the details,
·         A – January to March
·         B – April to June
·         C – July to September
·         D – October to December

The Numeric shows the Year in which the cylinder going to expire

For Example:

B-16 means, In the Month June, 2016 the LPG cylinders will be expired.

If C-18 Means, In the month of September,2018, the LPG Cylinder will get expired.

The history says, most of the fire occurs due to LPG Cylinder leaks and the root cause for the incidents are lack of awareness & the use of expired Cylinders.

Keep sharing this information’s, to save our mom & sisters....