Hydraulic Mobile Crane Safety Checklist

Hydraulic Mobile Crane Safety Checklist

  1. Whether Safety latch in hook, available & in working condition.
  2. whether Hoist limit switch (Or presence of plate).available& working
  3. whether SWL mark in crane are visible
  4. Whether Wire rope and slings free from tolerable damage (No kinks, broken wires more than 10% is N.G).
  5. whether oil leak in hydraulic parts (piston drums) has been checked & ok
  6. whether Damage in Tire ( Crack, cut, has been checked & tire pressure ok
  7. Whether Head and tail lamps are available (for night working).
  8. Whether Front and reverse horn fitted & in working condition.
  9. Whether Boom structure condition while full expansion (damage, crack and jamming while extending).
  10. Whether Fire extinguisher is available in operator cabin.
  11. Whether valid Third party certificate (Form 32) are available.
  12. Whether Operator have licensed (heavy duty).
  13. whether Vehicle have valid insurance paper
  14. Whether Road tax document are available.


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