Is It worth Doing NEBOSH without prior experience in Safety?

Is It worth Doing NEBOSH without Experience, the Question which i almost hear from the students.

If you are a student, looking for the answer,here the best answer is given for you.

Before you know the answer,you must realist the important factor, there is no specific eligibility criteria set by NEBOSH, to join the NEBOSH Course.

But how ever. if you are having the previous experience in health and safety,will help you to understand the concepts, especially will help you a lot during your NEBOSH GC2 phase ( workplace hazards and control)

Lets we move for the answer,

Now a days,NEBOSH becoming a mandatory certificate for all the health and safety officers and engineers, even many companies will not even ready to consider the resume,without NEBOSH IGC.

Most of the times,i have seen the companies hiring for safety officers,are only focused on NEBOSH IGC,and they are giving a huge value to NEBOSH Courses and the safety professional with NEBOSH Certificate.

If you are a fresher,it is critical to pass NEBOSH Exams, because of lack of workplace skills and knowledge,but if you completed NEBOSH Certificate, you will find a value and can easily get hired by the companies.

Career Tips from 

If you are a fresher & wanted to start the career in safety,If possible,join as a trainee for 3-6 months to understand the practical issues, when its not practicable, follow this proven steps

  1. Join for a Basic safety courses to learn the concepts 
  2. Watch workplace safety videos from you tube - For every Chapter you learn
  3. Collect the Previous year NEBOSH IGC Questions 
  4. Don't rush and appear for the NEBOSH Exams asap
  5. Take sufficient time to prepare yourself 
  6. Work out carefully and Pass the NEBOSH Exam
  7. Search for a Jobs and Get it. 

Conclusion :

If you wanna get hired in multinational industries or with highest pay in safety, regardless of your amount of experience, Do NEBOSH & Pass the Exam.

It is worthy to do NEBOSH as a fresher.