Ladder Safety Tools box talk

“Ladders are the hazardous equipment which can kill you” do you believe it;
Whenever you are using the ladder yourself, ensure that you are using it safely, by following the safety procedures,

  • Ensure the ladders are safe, free from defects and damages
  • Do not use wooden ladders, which is painted or damaged
  • Ensure yourself the ladders are with suitable strength and length for the type of job needed
  • Check the Ground conditions are sound and capable of withstanding the load of you and ladder
  • Do not use metal or aluminum ladders for the electrical works
  • Never carry any tools and materials while climbing on the ladder
  • Ensure the ladders are secured on both ends to prevent slip out
  • Remember to extend the ladders minimum 3 feet above the stepping point to provide adequate handhold
  • Position the ladder by following 1:4 ratio (75 degree)
  • If you are using the ladders on vehicles passage ways; ensure the area is barricaded to prevent collision
  • Before using the ladder checkout, the presence of overhead power lines and other hazards
  • Do not over reach the ladder at any circumstance
  • Face towards the ladder while ascending and descending
  • Maintain always three points of contact while using the ladder.
  • Do not carry any materials; if use of materials needed, use tools bag or any material transmission systems.
  • If you found any defects in the ladder, report the condition immediately to the supervisor
  • Never paint the ladder
  • Use the anti-slippery shoes and other ppe as needed based on the job.