Main electrical panel board safety checklist

  1. whether Firm Base with grouting & Easily accessible panel (height of the leg is equal to 1m)
  2. whether D.B .set is weather proof and cover all around To avoid water/ dust
  3. Whether Authorized Operator/Elec. Name/ Photo/ Contact No.on DB panel are avail.
  4. Whether Visualization of voltage, current and type of tools to be used in the socket & Panel.
  5. Whether Confirmation of LOTO (lock out/ tag out) are available.
  6. WHETHER Safety stickers/ signboards / isolate flammable Fire Hazard are display in D.B,
  7. WHETHER Double Earthling System of MDB / DB panel with Std earthling pit has been provided.
  8. Whether Separate ELCB with tripping current of 30 mA & in working condition.
  9. whether Hilum sheet to be provided over live bus bars
  10. Whether Condition of Cable, Power Socket and Plug are having any damage.
  11. whether Color coding being followed (RYBWG) for all cables/wires
  12. whether Plug/ Socket are being used of Industrial type
  13. Whether availability of rubber mat in front of the D.B .