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Office Inspection Checklist

  •   Do the packing materials are reused where ever possible?
  •   Do the refillable of Eco-friendly stationery are used where ever possible Ex: Refillable ball pens, pencils and markers, rechargeable batteries etc.
  •  Do the wasters are segregated with separate containers?
  •  Do the proper disposal of wastes are takes place for recycling purpose?
  • Do the spent cartridges are collected for recycling purpose?
  • Do the batteries and computer wastes are collected for proper disposal
  • Do the environmental friendly paper cups, paper plates, tissue papers are used
  • Do the bio degradable or refillable detergents are used
  •  Do the cloths or towels are available in pantry?
  • Do the records for drinking water is maintained?
  •  Do the “Save water” stickers are available & properly located at suitable locations
  •  Do there any faulty water tape or running water identified during inspections?
  • Do the records of energy consumption in the office maintained?
  •  Do the air-conditioners, lighting, computers, printers, photocopiers and electrical appliances turned off where the office is unoccupied?
  •  Do the “Save energy” signs are located at strategic places?
  •   Do the temperature & humidity range of air conditioners are set at comfort level?
  •   Do the proper ventilation systems are provided inside the office?
  • Do the Computers/laptops set to switch to energy saving mode when idle for 20 minutes or more?
  • Do the No smoking policy are implemented inside the Office
  • Do the suitable lighting facilities are provided inside the office without any glare / flickering effects?
  • Do the regular cleaning of workstations and computers are takes place?
  • Do the daily housekeeping schedules are prepared and implemented?
  •   Do the office equipment’s, machines and furniture are serviced and maintained?
  • Do the general safety training's are conducted as per training schedule?
  •  Do the admin are notified with “Serviceable issues” if any?
  • Do the office conditions comply with the objectives & programs mentioned in OHSE Manual?
  •   Do the legal requirements are compiled?
  • Do the proper seating facilities are provided with “ergonomically design” principle such as adjust-ability?
  • Do the welfare facilities are provided such as (washing station, eating facilities, sanitation facilities are usable and properly maintained?

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