Safety Career objectives for freshers

  • To use the Knowledge I learned during my Industrial safety diploma and to apply the safety strategies I learned to enhance the company health and safety performance.
  • To reach the zero accidents and ill-health in the organization by applying the legal standards and risk control strategies I learned during my curriculum
  • To reach the managerial position in health and safety department, and assisting the organization to reach the ultimate health and safety Goals.
  • To be an part of health and safety management and to devise the innovative ideas in health and safety to meet the ultimate goals
  • To support the organization to meet both legal and organizational goals related to health and Safety.
  • A dedicated and proactive health and safety student searching for a health and safety officer jobs, to enhance both myself and the organization OHS Performance.
  • To work in the company, where I can utilize the knowledge and skills learned during my health and safety qualifications and to achieve the zero accidents in the company I work for.