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Scissor Lift safety Checklist

  • Do the SWL marked on bucket ?      
  • Do the Platform safety door in good condition?   
  • Whether the Toe guard provided to scissor lift platform?        
  • Whether Tyre conditions are safe & there is no Damage in Tyre (Crack, Cut, etc.)         
  • Whether Emergency switch is in working condition?         
  • Whether Emergency rescue system is in working condition. (When Engine fails)     
  • No oil leak (Hydraulic parts, Engine and fuel tank)        
  • Machine Marching alarm in working condition  
  • Scissor structure condition while full expansion (Damage, crack and jamming while extending)         
  • Fire Extinguisher availability
  • All limit switch is in working condition) over loading, over reaching)          
  • Ensure break system is in working condition      
  • Operator details displayed on scissor lift 
  • Emergency contact numbers displayed    
  • Ensure operator having valid license         
  • Done and due date of third party certification mentioned on scissor lift   
  • Warning Lamp is in working condition     
  • Display the instruction of operating          
  • Required PPE'S displayed on bucket           

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