What is the scope of Industrial Safety Diploma & Engineers?

What is the scope of Industrial Safety Diploma & Engineers?

“What is the Scope of industrial safety diploma”

The common questions among the students wish to take industrial safety engineering courses,

Workplaces are becoming unsafe; due to the number of factors such us,

The use of large machinery,
The use of hazardous chemicals,
The use of high voltage electricity,
The presence of excessive noise, vibration, heat etc,

The ILO Declared

“Every 15 Seconds a worker met an accident in his workplace”

Hope now, you can understand “How hazardous the industries are”

It’s not easier to perform the entire industrial activities safely, without separate mechanisms and manpower to control it.

Also, we cannot perform the Industrial activities without using machines, chemicals, electricity etc.

So the Industries need a competent Industrial safety engineers who knows “the casual factors of accidents and the methods to control it”

Also In every countries the Companies having a legal requirement to appoint competent

“Industrial safety engineers”

If the company fails to appoint competent industrial safety engineers to manage their risks, the companies may incur enforcement notices, criminal fines from the government authorities.

And now the awareness among the industries are grows up and the trade unions and insurance companies are insisting health and safety in the workplace.


As technology and science increases, the probability of accidents and occupational ill-health also increases.

So the Industrial safety engineers will find a huge demand in the market in upcoming years.