Top 10 Cities in India, with highest number of road accidents

Road Accidents are day by day increasing due to number of reasons.

The road accidents are increasing dramatically by number of reasons such as, 
  • The Increased level of alcohol consumption
  • The Lack of enforcement of road safety rules
  • The use of mobile phones
  • The Over speeding or harsh driving
  • The Poor conditions of road
  • The lack of competent drivers
  • Violation of road safety rules etc...

Recently National Crime Records Bureau, Ministry of Road Transport & Highway, Law commission of India, has given the list of top 10 cities with highest number of road accidents in India.

The Details Given below,

1.      Delhi (City)
2.     Chennai
3.     Jaipur
4.    Bengaluru
5.     Mumbai
6.    Kanpur
7.     Lucknow
8.    Agra
9.    Hyderabad
10.    Pune

These accidents can be prevented, if the peoples are educated and the awareness among the public is increases.

It’s better to increase awareness by ourselves, instead of blaming the government, road conditions, traffic police etc.

If I drive safely, I would not hurt anyone,

If everyone drives safely, no will get injured or killed.