Truck Safety Checklist

  1. Whether Protection FOPS  (canopies, screens) is provided to shield operator from falling objects?
  2. Whether horn and reverse alarm are available and in working condition? 
  3. Do the Hydraulic system in working condition during unloading of materials?
  4. Whether moving parts, shafts, sprockets, belts, etc. are guarded.
  5. Whether Protection against contact with hot surfaces, exhaust, and provided.
  6. Safe means of access (steps, grab bars, non-slip surfaces) to the cab is provided
  7. Whether Damage in tire
  8. Do the tires are checked for (Crack, cut, & air has been checked & 
  9. Do the Tyre pressure is within the safe limit?
  10. Whether Leakage of oil from the vehicle parts and vehicle oil tank has been checked ?
  11. Do the Vehicle rear view mirror is available?
  12. Whether Head light, Tail lamp are fitted & in working condition (for night work)
  13. Whether Brake, accelerator, clutch are in working condition?
  14. Whether lock of the back door (trailer) in working condition and Safe?
  15. Whether Inter locking system between the tractor and the trailer working condition?
  16. Whether Visualization of Check sheet and Operator details with photo is available in the vehicle?
  17. Do the  Vehicle having valid insurance paper?