Two persons dead in car accident - Investigation and proposed solutions

Caught On Camera: Chennai Car Hurtles Pedestrians Into Air, Two Dead.

Date: February 11, 2016

Location: Chennai

Nature of accident: Road accidents

What you can learn from here: Transportation safety

This Guide is for: General public, drivers, and employers.

Situation Of Accident:

The Red santro car, moving through the narrow road line, was hits two persons.
And the persons were died in the next day of accident at private hospitals.

The Investigation says,

The Driven was not impaired by an alcohol and he is experienced too.

During the day, he was driven the car with high speed, and while he understand the situation (he going to hit the persons stands on ground)

The Driver identified as Venkatesh ( works at bank located on same road ) & arrested.

Source : NDTV

Immediate Cause of the accidents:

  • ·                Accidentally, used the accelerator instead of brakes
  • ·                Narrow road lines in which the persons cannot run away
  • ·                Over speeding of vehicles
  • ·                The standing persons in the busy traffic route ( violation of traffic rules )

Root causes of the accidents:

  • ·                The lack of separation of traffic routes for vehicles & pedestrians.
  • ·                The of speed governor in the vehicles to control the over speed.
  • ·                Since he is experienced, not familiar with the driving rules such as following slow speed in pedestrian crossing areas / public areas.

Controls that may helps to prevent the accidents:
  • Since the restriction of vehicles inside the road is not possible, installation of speed bumps and warning signs to maintain safe speed.
  •    Installation of speed governors in the vehicles
  •   The Strict safety rules by the employer such as maintaining low speed.
  •  The provision of training by the employer “ Driving safety especially for drivers”