What is the scope of a safety officer?


Under section 40-B of the Factories act,1948 ,the Industries needs to appoint the safety officers to manage their occupational health and safety risks and to protect the workers from accidents.

As per the research by bureau of labor statistics,

  • The Jobs for occupational health and safety specialists will grow 4 % 
  • The Jobs for health and safety engineers will grow 6 %
  • the Jobs for Occupational health and safety technicians will grow by 9 %
  • the Jobs for fire fighter will grow 5 % 

The Reason , why i suggest you to start your career in safety ,is that the companies are legally bonded to appoint the health and safety officers to control the accidents and ill health arising during the work.

If the company fails to manage their health and safety issues effectively and if the accidents happen in the organisation,the company may needs to face the legal actions taken by the enforcement authorities.

Also, by the growing industrialization,and the growing entrepreneurship the number of contracting companies are day by day increasing and if they wanted to get an contract from the reputed main contractors and MNC Companies they needs to satisfy the main contracting company requirements such as appointing safety officers.

Unless they appoint the safety officers or the competent person to manage the health and safety,the companies cannot get the projects from reputed industries.

Also the now the influence of media and growing awareness among the public through various communication mediums,there is no exception for the companies other than appointing safety officers to control the accidents in order to save their brand name from the bad publicity.

Also the strong reason,is that the companies are now started realizing the costs of accidents,ill health and unwanted business loss,so the industries hiring safety officers with their own intrest.


  • Every countries are having their own regulations to control the industrial accidents,also there is no exception for the companies other than following it, so always their will be a job opportunities for safety practitioners.
  • Day by day the health and safety awareness among the industries are growing up, so we can expect more safety jobs in future.
  • There are many companies affording huge amount of pay to competent safety officers.