What to do when LPG Smell found in Home?

LPG Cylinders are most hazardous, which can kill the entire occupant’s in home.
Do you believe, all you family members, knew the action to take, when the LPG smell founds in kitchens or home.

Absolutely, the answer will be “No”

Imagine, if your mom or sister or any of your family member are not aware the actions to take in case of LPG Leaks, what will happen, even it cannot be imagined.

So here we are talking about the serious issue, which is worthy to read further,

If you have a doubt that the LPG may leak from cylinders, follow this 7 proven and tried steps to keep yourself safe.

  1. Turn off the regulator & valve both in LPG cylinder & stove
  2. Do not turn on or turn off any switches such as lights or fan (the minor spark produced from the switches can act as an ignition source and may leads to explosion)
  3. Open all your windows & doors to allow the LPG gas too dilute
  4. Get all your family member’s outside the home
  5. Do not try to seal or repair the leaks from yourself, hence you are not person trained in it.
  6.  Call to the supplier or agent, from whom you purchased the LPG cylinders.
  7. Inform the situation & wait until they arrive and repair.

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