Why the LPG Cylinders are exploding, during fire?

Have you ever had a doubt, why the LPG cylinders are exploding, during fire?

The Explosion, (the sudden release of blast wave) is one of the major reasons for the damage to buildings and injury to occupants during LPG leaks.

If the cylinder is not exploded during fire, most of the building damage and risk to neighborhood’s can be minimized.

Let’s come to the answer,

  • If the LPG Cylinder is subjected either to fire or any other heat source, the liquefied petroleum will change in to gaseous state. (As temperature increases the liquids will convert to gaseous stage )
  • If it is continuously subjects to heat, than the contents of LPG will restore to gaseous stage, which increases the internal pressure inside the Cylinder.
  • Though the Liquid space of the cylinder absorbs the heat and sinks, but in the gaseous space (the space above the liquid space) will not have any medium to reduce the heat, so most of the energy will be absorbed by the Cylinder.
  • If the cylinder subjected to heat, it will starts to melt and on a certain stage it will fail, in which the sudden release of pressurized gas space comes out as an explosion.