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You, Me And Workplace Safety: The Truth

Workplace Safety ,

what does it mean ?? 
Do the workplace safety Is Really essential ? 
Whats the Relationship between you, Me &workplace safety ??

Here the answers for all your Questions , In a busy schedules , everyone busy with their job, Am not gonna ask you what is your current Job and what about your daily activities. 
Though you may be  employee , employer , self employed , here with the concept of workplace safety, every one are same.
Simply the task we are doing , will have  a considerable impact an our health and safety as well. 
What is Workplace Safety ?

In a day everyone spending their average of 8 hours in a workplace , which is minimum , but in some countries may extend up-to 12 - 13 hours per day. 
The Industrialization and rapid technology increases the risk level into high , where the employees are working with huge hazardous machines , chemicals , electricity, noise , vibration etc etc. 
Which may increases the chances  accidents and health effects .
There are numb…