You, Me And Workplace Safety: The Truth

Workplace Safety ,

what does it mean ?? 

Do the workplace safety Is Really essential ? 

Whats the Relationship between you, Me &workplace safety ??

Here the answers for all your Questions , In a busy schedules , everyone busy with their job, Am not gonna ask you what is your current Job and what about your daily activities. 

Though you may be  employee , employer , self employed , here with the concept of workplace safety, every one are same.

Simply the task we are doing , will have  a considerable impact an our health and safety as well. 

What is Workplace Safety ?

In a day everyone spending their average of 8 hours in a workplace , which is minimum , but in some countries may extend up-to 12 - 13 hours per day. 

The Industrialization and rapid technology increases the risk level into high , where the employees are working with huge hazardous machines , chemicals , electricity, noise , vibration etc etc. 

Which may increases the chances  accidents and health effects .

There are number of histories ans day to day events where the employees are killed by the unsafe practices and suffering from chronic health effects which may arise from the risk factors involved in the work. 

Do you believe ,  the cancer and other deadly diseases are mostly induced and influenced by their nature of job and the risk factors involved in the work. 

The workplace safety ensures all the hazards and risks existing in the workplace are controlled in a safe manner, and the chances of occurrence of accidents and ill health are minimized. 

Do the workplace safety Is Really essential ? 

Yes , of course , The workplace safety is mandated by the national governments in every countries to protect their citizens from the industrialization and to maintain their working age population. 

Every employer is having a legal duty to safeguard the employees and other persons who may affected by their process and the products. 

Also unless the company maintain its workplace safety in an acceptable level , they unable to satisfy their employee morale expectations and the requirements of external interested parties such as Insurance companies.

Whats the Relationship between you, Me &workplace safety ??

Remember , the workplace influencing every individual in the different ways , the saddest news is , most of the times, this results into ill health and serious physical disablement's. 

Health issues cannot be identified as like safety issues , as earlier. 

Still , Most of us not aware that the workplace risk factors can be results in an serious health effects such as , 

  • Skin cancer 
  • Infertility 
  • Birth Defects 
  • Hepatitis
  • Asthma etc. 

Here some examples , 

  • The Carpenter suffering from asthma 
  • The cement workers suffering from skin cancer 
  • The sewage workers suffering from hepatitis 
  • The Computer user suffering a back pain 
  • The machine operators loosing their hands in entanglements

Here no one is born with the hereditary disease , but the work decides their mode of death & life style. 

So the Conclusion is that , 

"The workplace safety is for everyone , irrespective of the job they are doing "