Are you an bad safety Manager ? Check do you have these any habits

1. Am the deciding authority:

When it comes to health and safety, the safety managers are ultimate responsible to manage health and safety issues. 

The high standards of health and safety cannot be attained by the individual safety managers; it can be only accomplished by the team works. 

The bad safety managers will decide, but they no more consult with their team and other employees.

2. I Set Rules for others:

Health & safety standards and rules are everyone to follow, including safety managers. 
The bad safety managers will set rules but they never follows. 

For examples: Noncompliance with PPE.

3. You are the culprit:

The Good safety managers will never blame others when the issue arises; instead of blaming they investigate, analyze and identify the root causes to solve the issues.

When it comes to bad safety manager; they blame their team members and workers instead of analyzing the issues. 

4. The work sites are made for safety officers:

Yes, of course the safety managers will be busy with the tight and hectic schedules but it more important to present in the site to show the importance you give to health and safety and to check what is happening under your management.

The bad safety managers will struck with the cab-in and they never knows what is happening in the site, unless it is reported. 

5. Struck behind the project team:

Yes of course, we work for the companies and their projects BUT we work with the purpose. 

The safety departments are the most powerful and influencing departments of the organization which protect the companies from predictable business loss. 

The bad safety managers are time bounded and they enforce when there are no works and they compromise safety during the peak working hours, which shows they are not consistent anymore.

6. They wait for accidents:

The Bad safety managers will wait for accidents to happen; they never work proactively to prevent the accidents.

7. The workers are simply workers  

The bad safety managers will never know that the workers are the backbone, which influence’s their health and safety performance.
They never understand their effective contribution in deriving the effective health and safety policies.

8. They think; they are the specialist:

The bad safety managers will have a mentality that they are already overfilled and specialists in health and safety. 

Health and safety is a multidisciplinary department which requires the knowledge to deal with the plenty of hazards. 

The bad safety managers will never learn, instead they work with what they knew, it is right.

Comment us your Experience with Good & bad safety  managers and your thoughts ?

8 Proven tips to increase workers interest towards Health and safety?

1. Don’t push, pull them from forward:

There is a major difference between push and pull , here the effective and best strategy to increase your workers interest towards health and safety,

To change , you must pull them , means to stand in front , and show them the health and safety are the must follow principle by every category of employees.

Instead of blindly enforcing the rules, first set the rules and follow yourself,  and exactly lead by example.

2. Educate:

Unless the workers knew, the importance of following health and safety rules, they never obey the standards.

So the important process of influencing the workers is to educate them, with the safe way to perform the job and the consequences of non-compliance.

3. Influence the influencing workers:

Groups are drawn up by the influencing peoples, they are personnel’s who decides the way and own principles of group.

So when you observe the workers are separated into informal groups, observe, analyze and identify the influencing personals and concentrate more on them.

If the leaders follow safety, every member will.

4. Don’t rush, build slowly 

Behaviors cannot be changed in a day; it takes a time and sometimes year.

Understand, to change the behaviors of individual workers, they must trust you will never mislead.
Instead of showing the power, show them you are setting rules to safeguard them.

5. Communicate regularly:

Communications are the most vital formula in health and safety which ensures the workers are up to date with the health and safety happenings.

So plan the formal and informal communication strategies, to show you are travelling with the day to day happenings.

6. Inspire:

Instead of punishing the for poor housekeeping, make your place clean in front of them.
The people will only inspire, when you do the things, which everyone will not do.

 7. Motivate & praise the safety behavior:

There are more proven steps to motivate and praise the safe behavior of employees.

If the safety behaviors are not appraised, the workers will lose their interest which may affect the complete safety culture of your organization.

So motivate them either by the appreciation words or incentives.

8. Punish the unsafe behavior:

When the violations are tolerated, the workers will think that, you are not concentrated into health and safety.

So ensure that the unsafe behaviors of the employees are addressed and the suitable disciplinary actions are taken.

Lets Comment , what you will do to change your workers attitude , as an successful safety expert ??

Am curious to know ?

Top 13 qualities of a successful Safety Managers ?

Most of the times company fails to manage its health and safety risks and thus results in an accidents , ill health and other serious business losses.

Where the problems exist ??

Do the management fails or the management staff fails.

Absolutely , the health and safety performance of your organisation is based on the health and safety team which you have and their inherent qualities.

Safety officers and safety managers are having the unique and assertive role to increase your profitability of business by reducing the foreseeable business loss.

The habits of  successful safety managers and safety officers cannot be briefed in a single page but , however the most commonly found habits of safety managers can be outlined.

Here i did the same ??

1.Committed to Health and Safety :

Establishing the effective and improved health and safety performing management systems are not easy and cannot be attained by the people doing, jobs for bread and butter. 

The commonly found successful safety managers are committed to their job , they are the real professionals , founding happiness in every safety issues they found and problem solvers. 

2.Effective communicators :

The Successful safety managers and safety officers are with the right communication skills and they can communicate any category of employees with the right methodology including shop floor workers. 

The safety managers and safety officers should have a good verbal communication skills to communicate the employees in various stages such as , 

  • Tools box talk 
  • Safety Induction Meetings 
  • Safety committee meetings 
  • Safety briefings 
  • Accident investigations 
The successful safety managers will not have to speak a lot , but can able to communicate the employees with health and safety information's. 

3.Visible Leadership :

The Successful safety managers will not push the workers to follow health and safety rules , instead they lead by example. 

The successful safety managers, 

  • Will not sit in-front of computers,they present in a site to show their intentions
  • will never break the rules,they follow 
  • will never insist , they will influence by skills 
Unless the successful safety managers are committed to health and safety, No one will follow

4.They regularly visit Sites :

The trust of health and safety and its importance will be only realized by the workers , when the safety managers visits the work-site regularly; and taking initiative when the things go wrong.

5.They set rules for everyone :

The Best safety managers will never set a safety rules for particular group or individuals , they set a rules which needs to be followed by everyone in the site , though they are the senior persons in the organisation.

6.Best safety Managers will never says , they knew everything :

The Best safety Managers will never , feel that they are the specialist, instead they will try to learn everyday , a new concepts and they will update their self continuously.

7.They are not a sole deciding authority :

The best safety managers or good safety engineers will never decide by their own , instead they consult their team and workers before taking any decision.

8.They will never compromise :

The Influence of production teams cannot be eliminated any where , but however the good safety managers know that the safety will be a priority at any time and any cost. 

So they will never tolerate safety standards in peak production hours. 

9.They are the Good psychologist :

The Good safety managers will understand , the members under their control and they behave with respect to the feelings and emotional reactions of our colleagues.

10.They Encourage and Punish :

The Good safety Managers will encourage the safe behavior and take the disciplinary actions when the non compliance detected. 

Either punishments or encouragements they give instantly.

11.They Know the Legal Requirements :

Health and safety obligations are mandated by the legal requirements , The Good safety managers will keep them familiar with the legal requirements which apply to their companies.  

12.They Set the Goals and works for it Regularly :

The Best safety managers , will set a goals for their organisational health and safety performance,and regularly work to achieve the Goals . 

They won't get satisfied themselves, with the minimal requirements set by the national legal standards, instead they strive to improve their organisational health and safety performance. 

13.They Measure and Review :

The Best safety Mangers will never allow their company health and safety performance as it is.They measure every time with suitable proactive tools such as safety inspection , safety audits , safety tour , safety survey etc.

They are more concentrated on the outputs and they never compromise on the general appearance. 

Lets Comment  , what you think that the best safety managers will do & Don't, we are curious to learn from you !