How to become a Safety Officer?

How to check your LPG gas cylinder expiry date

How to check your LPG gas cylinder expiry date

The LPG Cylinders are the one of the most hazardous equipment or component used in the kitchens & home.

Have you ever imagined, that the LPG Cylinders are having their own expiry dates & how to identify the Cylinders Expiry Date?

Most of us will never.

What happen if I use an Expired LPG Cylinder?

LPG Cylinders are more prone to leakages & if the leakages occur, as you know the fire will start and the severe explosion will follow, which can kill more number of occupants.

How to identify the expiry dates of LPG Cylinders??

It’s easier to identify, than you think.

In the LPG side stems, you can identify the alphabets with numbers like A-19 or B 18 etc.

That’s the place, where the secret hides.

The alphabet’s shows the, month in which the LPG cylinders going to expire.
Here the details,
·         A – January to March
·         B – April to June
·         C – July to September
·         D – October to December

The Numeric shows the Year in which the cylinder going to expire

For Example:

B-16 means, In the Month June, 2016 the LPG cylinders will be expired.

If C-18 Means, In the month of September,2018, the LPG Cylinder will get expired.

The history says, most of the fire occurs due to LPG Cylinder leaks and the root cause for the incidents are lack of awareness & the use of expired Cylinders.

Keep sharing this information’s, to save our mom & sisters....

Road accidents & deaths Statistics 2016

Road accidents & deaths Statistics 2016

  • Every minute one  serious road  accidents occurs in our India
  •  Minimum of 1214 road crashes occurs , in a day
  • 20 % total road crash deaths are by the two wheeler
  •  Every day 20 children’s are die, by road crashes ( under the age of 14)
  • Minimum of 377 people die every day due to road accidents
  •   In utter Pradesh – Minimum two peoples are getting killed by road crashes; the state with highest road crash deaths.
  • Tamil Nadu is the state with maximum number of road crash injuries.

Source of Information: National Crime Records Bureau, Ministry of Road Transport & Highway, Law commission of India, Global status report on road safety 2013

Top 10 Cities in India, with highest number of road accidents

Road Accidents are day by day increasing due to number of reasons.

The road accidents are increasing dramatically by number of reasons such as, 
  • The Increased level of alcohol consumption
  • The Lack of enforcement of road safety rules
  • The use of mobile phones
  • The Over speeding or harsh driving
  • The Poor conditions of road
  • The lack of competent drivers
  • Violation of road safety rules etc...

Recently National Crime Records Bureau, Ministry of Road Transport & Highway, Law commission of India, has given the list of top 10 cities with highest number of road accidents in India.

The Details Given below,

1.      Delhi (City)
2.     Chennai
3.     Jaipur
4.    Bengaluru
5.     Mumbai
6.    Kanpur
7.     Lucknow
8.    Agra
9.    Hyderabad
10.    Pune

These accidents can be prevented, if the peoples are educated and the awareness among the public is increases.

It’s better to increase awareness by ourselves, instead of blaming the government, road conditions, traffic police etc.

If I drive safely, I would not hurt anyone,

If everyone drives safely, no will get injured or killed.

100 workers die in Chennai - How worst the health and safety in india

100 workers die in Chennai - How worst the health and safety in India

Date: October 15, 2016

Popular Professionals Involved:

  •  Geetha Ramakrishnan of Unorganized Workers' Federation.
  •   R Singaravelu, a member of the board and state president, Construction Federation of India.
  • Officials in the labor department.

What you can learn here:
  • · The Health and safety Standards set by the Indian Government.
  •  The Health and safety Issues faced by the migrant workers.
  •   The Accidents statistics in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Words from Geetha Ramakrishnan

    (Member of Unorganised Workers' Federation.)

  • The Issue raised after the accident happens (fall from high race building under construction in Royapettah) which shows the constructions are not any more concentrates on health and safety norms set by the regulations.
  • The Geetha Ramakrishnan Said “the Construction industries are one of the major sector,which offers most employment opportunities after Agricultural sectors.
  • Nearly 30 fatalities by construction accidents happened in old mahabalipuram road alone in Chennai.
  • Which shows the health and safety in construction sectors is little.

What the Geetha Ramakrishnan Said about the construction industries

·        The Construction Industries, whether small or large , they do not follow the health and safety standards.

·        Even though we are educating the workers about health and safety standards, the workers do not have guts to ask questions to the employer or management, when they recognise they are at risk.

·        Also we recognise the migrant workers, who are arriving from work from other states especially from north states are mostly at risk.

·        The Local workers (from Chennai or tamil nadu) are found to be aware of health and safety measures.

What the Geetha Ramakrishnan Said about the Management & Labor department officials?

  •  Once the accident happened the management should inform to their family and labor department officials and local police.
  • The Company should deposit the compensation amount to the labor department account as per workman’s compensation act.
  • Labor department officials can send suo motu notice to the company based on media reports.

But nothing is really happening here.

Words from R Singaravelu,

(A member of the board and state president, Construction Federation of India)

  • ·        The Tamil Nadu construction workers welfare board needs to conduct an review meeting at least every 3 months but no meeting was conducted in past 2 years.
  • ·        Also the The Tamil Nadu construction workers welfare board is not reconstituted in past two years.
  • ·        Nearly 23 lakhs members are accompanied with the board and they all will receive a compensation of 1 lakh if the accident occurs.
  • ·        But the saddest news is that, for the migrant workers there will be no compensation, because they are not any more registered or a member.
  • ·        Also to become a member, the person should get a ration card to obtain membership, but it’s impossible to get the ration cards with local address.
  • ·        The statistics says, nearly 10 lakh migrant workers are employed in Tamil Nadu , who are all at the risk of “no compensation”

 What Labor Department Officials said?

·        We tried to give compensation to the migrant workers from some companies
·        Also if there is a complaint, we are officially visiting the companies to conduct an inspection.

What says about?

Instead of working to get compensation, enforcing the safety rules & conducting periodical, unplanned visits will help to check the level of compliance by the companies.

Also the Government may spend a time & amount to educate the workers & employers regards the requirements of safety regulations.

It’s better to prevent, instead of speaking about accidents.

Two persons dead in car accident - Investigation and proposed solutions

Caught On Camera: Chennai Car Hurtles Pedestrians Into Air, Two Dead.

Date: February 11, 2016

Location: Chennai

Nature of accident: Road accidents

What you can learn from here: Transportation safety

This Guide is for: General public, drivers, and employers.

Situation Of Accident:

The Red santro car, moving through the narrow road line, was hits two persons.
And the persons were died in the next day of accident at private hospitals.

The Investigation says,

The Driven was not impaired by an alcohol and he is experienced too.

During the day, he was driven the car with high speed, and while he understand the situation (he going to hit the persons stands on ground)

The Driver identified as Venkatesh ( works at bank located on same road ) & arrested.

Source : NDTV

Immediate Cause of the accidents:

  • ·                Accidentally, used the accelerator instead of brakes
  • ·                Narrow road lines in which the persons cannot run away
  • ·                Over speeding of vehicles
  • ·                The standing persons in the busy traffic route ( violation of traffic rules )

Root causes of the accidents:

  • ·                The lack of separation of traffic routes for vehicles & pedestrians.
  • ·                The of speed governor in the vehicles to control the over speed.
  • ·                Since he is experienced, not familiar with the driving rules such as following slow speed in pedestrian crossing areas / public areas.

Controls that may helps to prevent the accidents:
  • Since the restriction of vehicles inside the road is not possible, installation of speed bumps and warning signs to maintain safe speed.
  •    Installation of speed governors in the vehicles
  •   The Strict safety rules by the employer such as maintaining low speed.
  •  The provision of training by the employer “ Driving safety especially for drivers”

1 Person dead in Kishkinda amusement park - Accident investigation & proposed solutions

1 Dead In Accident at Chennai's Kishkinta Amusement Park
In May 12, 2016, the accident happened in kishkinta amusement park, which is located outside Chennai,

By the accident, one person has died (Identified as Manikandan) & 7 employees of the amusement park are severely injured.

The Injured peoples are treated.

The Police have not yet confirmed the immediate & root causes of the accidents.

But by the assumption and through the interviews & analysis of documents it confirmed, that the root cause of the accident is the ferris wheel, which was restored before last few days of the accident.

Source: Ndtv

So as a safety practitioner, analyse the incident and comment the possible reasons for the accident to happen & the control measures you should suggest.

The Reasons may

  • ·        The Reduced integrity of the equipment's due to flood
  • ·        The wrong selection of Ferris wheel.
  • ·        The failure of Ferris wheel by poor design & manufacturing.
  • ·        The maintenance or reviving by the poorly competent personal, which results in failure.
  • ·        The safety management failures such us the failure of selection of competent contractors.
  • ·        May be the lack of thorough examination after the flood.

What we can do to prevent:

  • ·        After any incident which may affect the stability or integrity of equipment, the thorough examination must be carried out.
  • ·        The competent contractors must be appointed with strict safety policies after though investigation.
  • ·        The components used must be certified & comply with the legal requirements.
  • ·        The though examination should be carried out by the third party after the reviving operations to check the safe condition.
  • ·        The Competent Health and safety practitioner must be appointed to oversee the Safety Issues.