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What is Tools box talk in safety - the ultimate Guide

Tools Box Talk – Ultimate Guide

Tools Box Talk / Tools box meeting is an informal training to employees, which ensures that the employees are familiar with the safety procedures and safe behavior to be adopted in order to complete the job safely.

When the Tools box talk should be conducted??

When the tools box talk should be conducted, it’s critical to say in a single work like daily / weekly / monthly.
The right answer for your question is,
Its depends on the nature of job in your companyIts depends on the job, which the employee is engagedIts depends on the magnitude of risk and its variations

For example,
In construction the conditions & nature of work will change often also the magnitude of risk, where the tools box talk needs to be conducted more frequently such as Daily before commencing the work.
For the Manufacturing Industry, in which the jobs are routine, it can be planned weekly or based on convenience but remember for non-routine activities such as maintenance / repair it…