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How do the Job opportunity of Safety Officer & Safety Engineers in India?

How do the Job opportunity of Safety Officer & Safety Engineers in India?
Recently I heard a question from my friend.
Do the safety officers and safety engineers having a value in India?

Do the Companies in India, hiring safety officers and safety engineers?

How do the trends of safety jobs in India?
That’s the time I decided to write this post.
If you are a student or employee wanted to know more about safety officer career, this post will answer for it.
The Number of vacancies for the safety officers and safety engineers in India, are dramatically increasing day by day.
Recently I found many companies (even they are running with minimal employees) hiring safety officers and safety engineers for their company.

There are certain reasons for the increasing safety jobs in INDIA such as,
The clients or main contracting companies are insisting the subcontractors to appoint safety officersThe Factories act, placing a legal duty to the companies to appoint safety officersThe health and safety…

What is the scope of a safety officer?


Under section 40-B of the Factories act,1948 ,the Industries needs to appoint the safety officers to manage their occupational health and safety risks and to protect the workers from accidents.

As per the research by bureau of labor statistics,
The Jobs for occupational health and safety specialists will grow 4 % The Jobs for health and safety engineers will grow 6 %the Jobs for Occupational health and safety technicians will grow by 9 %the Jobs for fire fighter will grow 5 % 

The Reason , why i suggest you to start your career in safety ,is that the companies are legally bonded to appoint the health and safety officers to control the accidents and ill health arising during the work.

If the company fails to manage their health and safety issues effectively and if the accidents happen in the organisation,the company may needs to face the legal actions taken by the enforcement authorities.

Also, by the growing industrialization,and the growing entrepreneurship the number of …

Does the NEBOSH course use full for mechanical engineers?

NEBOSH Course is an prestigious and mandatory safety certification course,which every safety officers and safety engineers should have.

If you are an mechanical engineering student,with the confusion to start your career in safety or else with the confusion in pursuing NEBOSH.

This blog is for you.

I have seen many professional,who work as mechanical engineers for 10-15 years and still doing NEBOSH to enhance their career.

Because now a days the industries expect the Project managers / production managers should have a detailed safety knowledge in order to execute the plan without accidents & unwanted business losses.

If you do NEBOSH with mechanical engineering,you will get a preference by the industries,the reason is that the industries believes,"the  professional who knows about the job and the science behinds the job can guide better to work safely"
How ever, if you are a student looking for a change to evergreen field "safety". 
Most of the times,before h…

Is It worth Doing NEBOSH without prior experience in Safety?

Is It worth Doing NEBOSH without Experience, the Question which i almost hear from the students.

If you are a student, looking for the answer,here the best answer is given for you.

Before you know the answer,you must realist the important factor, there is no specific eligibility criteria set by NEBOSH, to join the NEBOSH Course.