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Career Objectives for Safety Auditor

1.The Professional safety auditor, with the eyes that looks into detail and with the brain which familiars in the International safety standards
2.The ambitious safety auditor with the experience of ----- into internal and external safety audits, the qualified safety auditor in OHSAS 18001-2007 Standards.
3.The Safety auditor with the experience of both OHSAS 18001 assessment of requirements and implementation stages, which enable the organization to meet its own, and ultimate health and safety goals.
4.The IRCA approved Safety auditor, with the professional experience in Safety audits, safety inspection and safety reviews with the ultimate communication skills.
5.The Qualified and experienced safety auditor, looking for an ultimate position in the organization, where I can apply the health and safety tactics, to meet the needs of OHSAS 18001 & legal requirements.

Ladder Safety Tools box talk

“Ladders are the hazardous equipment which can kill you” do you believe it; Whenever you are using the ladder yourself, ensure that you are using it safely, by following the safety procedures,
Ensure the ladders are safe, free from defects and damagesDo not use wooden ladders, which is painted or damagedEnsure yourself the ladders are with suitable strength and length for the type of job neededCheck the Ground conditions are sound and capable of withstanding the load of you and ladderDo not use metal or aluminum ladders for the electrical worksNever carry any tools and materials while climbing on the ladderEnsure the ladders are secured on both ends to prevent slip outRemember to extend the ladders minimum 3 feet above the stepping point to provide adequate handholdPosition the ladder by following 1:4 ratio (75 degree)If you are using the ladders on vehicles passage ways; ensure the area is barricaded to prevent collisionBefore using the ladder checkout, the presence of overhead power …

Office Inspection Checklist

Do the packing materials are reused where ever possible?Do the refillable of Eco-friendly stationery are used where ever possible Ex: Refillable ball pens, pencils and markers, rechargeable batteries etc.Do the wasters are segregated with separate containers?Do the proper disposal of wastes are takes place for recycling purpose?Do the spent cartridges are collected for recycling purpose?Do the batteries and computer wastes are collected for proper disposalDo the environmental friendly paper cups, paper plates, tissue papers are usedDo the bio degradable or refillable detergents are usedDo the cloths or towels are available in pantry?Do the records for drinking water is maintained?Do the “Save water” stickers are available & properly located at suitable locationsDo there any faulty water tape or running water identified during inspections?Do the records of energy consumption in the office maintained?Do the air-conditioners, lighting, computers, printers, photocopiers and electrical…