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5 NEBOSH Official Tips to Pass NEBOSH IGC Course?

5 NEBOSH Official Tips to Pass NEBOSH IGC Course?
On 05 March 2015, NEBOSH Published a News update in the Name of " Handy Hints to help you Prepare for your Next Exam"
In this NEBOSH (Official) suggested the top 5 Tips to boost your Marks in NEBOSH Exams, 

As follows,
1.Always read the Question Properly  2.Identify the Command words  3.Opt for short and simple sentences rather than long and complicated sentence  4.Manage your time during Exams  5.It’s acceptable to use standard abbreviations 
To view the NEBOSH Official Link Source :  Click here 

Always read the Question Properly

Read the Question carefully, to score the marks; you must give a suitable answer to the questions. 
My safety master suggests you to read the question twice or thrice until you understand fully.
The Common reason for the failure of students in NEBOSH Is that " Misunderstanding of Questions" and giving irrelevant answers.

Identify the Command words:

In order to boost your marks in NEBOSH Exams, you must u…