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Benefits of NEBOSH International Diploma

Educations are vital to enhance your career, even though we are into top most senior level designations, it is important to adopt ourselves to latest trends and technology.

NEBOSH International Diploma is a prestigious qualification, which can enhance your career with ultimate safety secrets and with highly enhanced technical syllabus.

NEBOSH International Diploma syllabus is prepared in a way, which can develop a successful safety practitioner with real workplace scenario.

The Qualification must be suitable to the practical situation, and should help us to update with the real practical issues.

If you are having a faith to invest your time and finance over you, than you can invest in NEBOSH International Diploma.

The Management portion, which is prepared in NEBOSH Diploma IA, is highly valuable to safety practitioners to develop their organization health and safety culture from the scratch.

Once the student or professional completed their NEBOSH International Diploma IA, they can …

Cherry Picker Safety Checklist

· SWL marked on bucket

· No Damage in Tire (Crack, cut, air pressure etc).

· Emergency switch is in working condition

· Bucket door in good condition

· Platform is securely fastened to platform support.

· Ensure not more than 2 members loaded at a time in the platform.

· All members in the platform have safety belt

· Foot pedal in the bucket is in working condition.

· Outriggers & extendable axles are in smooth working condition.

· High engine and height drive cutout is in working condition.

· Any oil leakage in the Hydraulic systems.

· LOTO system is available in the ground panel board.

· Warning lamp is in working condition.�����������������…

7 Deadly Hazards in Excavation works

The Hazards & risks arising from the Excavation

It’s Impossible to ensure the Excavation safety without understanding the possible hazards & risks that might present during digging,The following hazards may present during the excavation operations, may differ based on the work environment in which the excavation is takes place,

Deadly hazard 1: Collapse Of excavation
The Collapse of excavation which may due to,

The soil conditions which unable to carry the own mass of its sidesThe selection of wrong type of excavation methods example : Mechanical excavation on the loose soil conditionsThe instability of soil to withstand the load , which may promoted by the bad weather conditions such as rainThe Positioning of vehicles near to the excavation edges , which may affect the stabilityThe lack of protective systems such as shoring , shieldingThe Presence of cave-inThe positioning of removed soil near to the excavation sides , which may increase the weight on edges & leads to collap…