What is safety engineering

What is safety Engineering?

What is Safety engineering, the common doubt for every students and professionals wanted to start their career in Health and safety.

Safety engineering is one of the department in engineering, which mostly concerns about the prevention of accidents and failures which may cause harm to employees, products, tools or environment.

The Study which focus on the variable accident prevention methods and underlying principles behind zero accidents.

Safety Career is an "Multi disciplinary function" ; In which you needs to familiarize yourself different sectors from the management aspects to the science behind the workers behavior,electricity, machines,chemicals,radiation,vibration,etc.

Let me Give you the practical example :

As you know the number of accidents in a day to day life is increasing, both in common life as well as at the workplace.

You can imagine any incident from the home fire to major catastrophic accidents,disaster happening in the industry etc.

We could not define the type of accidents happening in the industry (for example fire accident,electrical accident , fall from height etc) in a single post; it requires a detailed study of the various activities and relevant accidents.

Also the accidents cannot be prevented only by training or use of PPE, It requires various Safety plan and safety strategies with respect to the type of hazard.

For example to control the "Noise" in the industry, there are various strategies that can be employed such as

  • Avoidance of Noisy operations 
  • Purchasing the Low noisy equipment's 
  • Use of silencers 
  • Drawing up clear maintenance schedules 
  • Proper lubrication of machinery 
  • Coating of noise resistant / absorbent materials in floor ,walls , ceilings 
  • Provision of Ear plug and earmuff 
  • Conducting periodical medical check up etc.

Similar like Noise , the safety engineering will involve various hazards and the different control principles.

In order to become an "industrial safety engineer" you must be keep your self familiar with all the aspects involving in your industry.

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