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As for theoretical, it is easier to say the work with the use of ladder are less hazardous , compared to any other activities , but the critical issue that needs to take into account is that , still there are thousands and thousands of accidents are happening in the ladder every year , which even resulted in fatalities.

The work with the ladder are riskier because the uncertainty of ground conditions especially for portable ladders, the use of ladder for short duration which increase the likelihood of human errors and violations against the code of practice, the use of defective or unsuitable ladders etc.

To Understand the Ladder safety, we should be clear in two areas such as ,
· Hazards and Risks from work with ladder

· The Safety Measures to control the risks

Hazards & Risks from working with ladder:
· The slip out of ladder, due to the positing of ladder in excessive angle or the use of ladders in slippery areas

· The Falling of persons due to…