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5 Specialized Govt Industrial Safety Diploma Courses that boost your Career in HSE

As Per OSHA 4,836 workers were killed on the job in 2015 ,(3.4 per 100,000 full-time equivalent workers) — on average, more than 93 a week or more than 13 deaths every day.
Industries are killing employees by their hazardous nature and managing health and safety in the industry is an legal requirement for every employer.

The Society will never accept the employees / workers are getting killed / made sick by their job, the workers are presenting at workplace only for an income and not to loose their quality of life.

Controlling industrial accidents require a special competence for an safety engineer, and other health and safety practitioners.

Our Government recognized Industrial safety Diploma courses are designed to meet the industrial needs and requirements , that satisfy the legal needs of the organisation.

All these Specialized Industrial safety engineering courses are approved by BSS,Promoted by Govt Of India, National Development agency, India.

5 Specialized Industrial Safety Diploma Courses :

  • Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety (ADIS)
  • BSS Diploma in Industrial Safety 
  • BSS Diploma in Industrial Environmental Safety (DIES)
  • BSS Diploma in Industrial Safety Engineering (DISE)
  • BSS Diploma in Industrial Safety & Disaster Management 

Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety:

Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety designed by HSE Experts that ensures the students receiving competence in various industrial safety issues and technologies including Process safety, Construction safety, Oil & Rig safety engineering Principles. 

Advanced Diploma In Industrial Safety courses shall be only selected by the Individuals with previous degree / Diploma or any other Safety qualifications like OSHA, OHSAS , IOSH MS etc. 

BSS Diploma in Industrial Safety :

Diploma in Industrial Safety is an Preliminary and specialized safety diploma program that can be studied by any type of Individual including freshers starting their career in Safety. 

BSS Diploma in Industrial Safety covers from the Basic safety Engineering subjects to the Fire prevention and Control. 

The Students shall enter into any industry as an Safety Officer / Engineer based on the industrial recruitment criteria.

BSS Diploma in Industrial Safety Engineering :

BSS Diploma in Industrial safety engineering designed with the industrial safety technologies in Mind , and the students shall update all the engineering solutions that can be implemented for industrial HSE Issues. 

The Course will cover all type of Industrial Safety engineering solutions from the Basic Interlocking devices to the HAZOP Study,

The Course Also covers Industrial Safety , Electrical Safety, welding Safety , Manual Handling Safety Etc. 

This course will be an best choice for the Students wish to update with various Industrial safety Engineering concepts. 

BSS Diploma in Industrial Environmental Safety :

BSS Diploma in Industrial Environmental Safety was designed to meet both Occupational hazards and risks to the employees as well as for the environment. 

This course would be an best choice for the professionals wish to learn both Industrial Safety & Environmental Safety. 

This Diploma In Industrial Safety Covers from the Accident Investigation, HSE Laws , Fire & Safety Engineering , Health and Safety management system elements etc. 

BSS Diploma in Industrial Safety & Disaster Management :

Disaster Management studies are the Specialized study program for the HSE Practitioners to enhance their career and this Industrial safety & Disaster Management course covers various industrial safety issues along with the management of disaster conditions. 

Diploma in Industrial Safety & Disaster Management is an Six months Program , and shall be taken by any students / Professionals wish to learn Disaster management & Industrial Safety. 


As Per section 40(b) of the Factory Act, 1948, Government of India the industries must to appoint Safety Officer to protect the workers from occupational hazards and risks.

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Mode Of Study :

All those Industrial Safety Diploma Courses shall be taken by multiple mode such as Regular , Distance Mode / Part time. 

Certification Details:

Certificates are Issued by , 
  • BSS , Promoted by Govt Of India 
  • National Development Agency, India 

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