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Govt Approved Master Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Courses In India

Master Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety courses are the specialized health and safety course started by BSS,Promoted by Govt Of India.

Master Diploma in Occupational Health and safety Course syllabus are designed with International health and safety standards in Mind and also the students will get full familiarity of safety technical standards.

If you are an Professional seeking top management designation in Health and safety, this Master Diploma in Health,Safety,Environment & Risk Management Course will be best to you.

Master Diploma in OHSE Syllabus:

Master Diploma in Occupational Health, Safety, Environment & Risk Management
Course Code : FSS044
International management of health and safety
International control of hazardous agents in the workplace
International workplace and work equipment safety
Safety Management and Communication
Risk Management and Control
Fundamentals of Health and Safety Engineering
Environmental Planning and Management
Environmental Science & Technology
Environmental Technology for Sustainable Development
Environmental Technology and Engineering

Master Diploma in OHSE Duration:

Two Years 

Master Diploma in OHSE Certification Details:

Master Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Environmental Courses are established from BSS,Promoted by Govt Of India & National Development Agency, India. 

Does this Certificate Accepted in Other Countries:

Yes, Of course Our Master Diploma In Occupational health and safety courses shall be attested with Ministry Of External affairs, India for the legitimate. 

So you can use this certificate throughout World. 

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